Understanding Capital Gains ( or Losses)

Understanding Capital Gains ( or Losses)澳客网注册有送

澳客竟彩足球即时比分  双11,新战事的序幕拉起  香港特区政府统计处近期公布的数据显示,香港失业率已经达到6.4%,属近16年来的最高位,近26万人处于“冇(没)工开”的状态

With tax season right around the corner, we’re all starting to mentally prepare for Uncle Sam to take his share of our earnings. Ok, ok, maybe it’s just us accountants that start to think about tax season so early; but we’ve got to make sure of all the details so that...
Local COVID-19 Resources

Local COVID-19 Resources澳客网注册有送

澳客网竞彩胜平负  古井贡酒:第三季度净利同比增3.94%  古井贡酒(000596)10月28日晚间披露三季报,前三季度实现营收80.69亿元,同比下滑1.63%;净利润15.38亿元,同比下滑11.71%;每股收益3.05元从榜单来看,吉利李书福家族和长城魏建军家族的财富增长分别为200亿和110亿,财富排名分别下降9名和10名

The economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many individuals and businesses struggling financially. Small business owners are struggling with new safety guidelines, closures, and changing customer needs. Adapting to all these changes of course is costly,...
Tax Relief for Victims of California Wildfires

Tax Relief for Victims of California Wildfires澳客网注册有送


Victims of the California wildfires that began August 14 now have until December 15, 2020 to file various individual and business tax returns and make tax payments, the Internal Revenue Service announced today. The IRS is offering this relief to any area designated by...
Important Information for PPP Loan Recipients

Important Information for PPP Loan Recipients澳客网注册有送

澳客网3d专家预测  今年8月,香港特区政府曾宣布下调对今年全年的经济增长预测,由原来的-4%至-7%,下调到-6%至-8%同2019年相比,姚振华财富增长50亿,排名下降21名,鲁伟鼎家族直接从76名退出财富前100

If you have received Paycheck Protection Program loans for your business, there are a few things important to know. In this blog we will explore the tax consequences of the PPP loans from the federal government to businesses. An eligible recipient may have PPP loan...
President signs COVID-19 relief orders

President signs COVID-19 relief orders澳客网注册有送

澳客网官网电脑版首页  森麒麟:第三季度净利同比增长73.47%  森麒麟(002984)10月28日晚间披露三季报,前三季度实现营收35.42亿元,同比增长4.65%;净利润7.16亿元,同比增长35.63%;每股收益1.23元包括蚂蚁、腾讯及平安,作为创始股东更多是从战略角度长期投资众安,而不单纯是财务投资

On Saturday, August 8, the President signed four executive actions providing additional COVID-19 relief. We do not yet know if these actions will proceed as planned, since his authority to take the actions have been called into question.  However, we want you to be...