Sheldon Gas Company



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W. Boyd Sheldon started the business back in the 1920s in Suisun Valley. Originally, Boyd and his father, Ralph, sold smudge oil out of the back of a truck to farmers and ranchers. Around the same time, he used his network to expand into the road oil business.

For many years Sheldon had an oil tank farm in the same location that the Sheldon Office on the Suisun City Waterfront stands today. This tank farm location allowed Sheldon to barge in product and pipe it off at that location. Since the demand for oil dropped in the winters, Boyd began providing propane oil to local homes, businesses and farms. This additional service allowed Boyd to supply his neighbors and to keep his workers employed throughout the year. 

Eventually, Sheldon moved away from the oil business and focused on the propane business. 

W. Boyd Sheldon started and grew the company centered on his core values: service, safety, supply and customer satisfaction.

His grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue to honor Boyd Sheldon's legacy by perpetuating the focus of Sheldon Gas Company on the same core values today.