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Why Choose Tri-Star Moving for Your Home or Office Relocation?

Integrity and Knowledge at Every Stage of Your Move

Tri-Star is a trusted partner to rely on when relocating your home or office. With over 25 years of experience, Tri-Star offers the expertise and knowledge to facilitate moves of all sizes with ease, efficiency, value and minimal stress.
“Vince defines professionalism. His experience and attention to detail are evident in his work. Choose another mover at your own peril, you simply could not find a better moving company than Tri-Star Office Moving. They are the best!”

– Albert G. Stoll, Jr.

Tri-Star Moving is the company to trust for commercial relocations of all sizes.

Location to Location

Internal Office Moves

Tenant Improvement

High Value Electronics and Medical Equipment

Industrial and Institutional
Tri-Star Moving provides full packing, unpacking and relocation services for residences of any size.

Location to Location

Remodeling and Construction

Parties and Event Staging

Staging Your Home For Sale
Tri-Star provides secure and efficient storage solutions with easy tracking and an online client inventory with digital photographs.

Permanent Storage in Vaults or Pallet Racks

Temporary Storage During Construction or Staging

Temporary Offsite Storage for Commercial Tenant Improvement Projects

Specialized Receiving and Temporary Warehousing Services
Tri-Star Moving expertly handles any surplus furniture that may result from your commercial or residential relocation.

Removal, Disposal and Recycling

Sales of Surplus Furniture

Liquidators to Buy or Sell Pre-Owned and New Office Furniture